1/2 MOA Or Better Guarantee With Match Grade Ammo


  • .375 CheyTac

Action: JJ Rock Co. SUPERXL
Barrel Type: PROOF Carbon Fiber Barrel, Threaded With American Precision Arms Gen II XX Brake

  • Barrel Length In Inches: 29.5

  • Barrel Twist: 8 (6 Groove)

  • Breech Diameter In Inches: 1.4

  • Contour: Straight Taper

Chassis: Cadex Dual Strike Folding Chassis, for JJ Rock Co. SUPERXL Action

  • Chassis Color Choice Of:

    • Black

    • Tan

    • O.D. Green

    • Sniper Grey

Trigger: Timney 510 With Bottom Safety

Magazine: Comes With One, Cadex .375CT SSSF 7 (4.725 in.) 7rd Magazine

Bipod not included.


Description Of JJ Rock Co. SUPERXL Receiver:

  • Receiver is machined from pre-heat-treated 416 stainless steel, and the bolt is NP3 coated and features an interchangeable bolt knob.

  • Receiver is multifaceted, and the dimensions are 10.65" long x 1.65" wide.

  • Receivers are machined with an integral recoil lug and a 45 MOA picatinny style scope rail.

  • 1.1875" x 18 barrel threads are machined 1.8" deep, providing superior support for longer, heavy barrel contours.

  • JJ ROCK CO. uses a custom manufactured, NP3 coated, M16 style extractor designed for the large .640" case-head diameter cartridges.

  • JJ ROCK CO.’s dual-point, guided firing pin system provides faster, more consistent lock times for improved accuracy.

  • JJ ROCK CO.’s innovative locking lug insert in the receiver is made from an aerospace material which is more than twice as strong than the receiver itself, allowing for a smaller, compact bolt-head design.

1/2 MOA Or Better Guarantee With Match Grade Ammo

Bipod not included.

Available Upgrades

Timney Calvin Elite Trigger With Installation & Adjustment: $220

Jewell Trigger With Installation & Adjustment: $260

Additional Cadex .375CT SSSF 7 (4.725 in.) 7rd Magazine: $290

Accuracy Solutions HD-50 Bipod: $383

Pelican 1750 Rifle Case With Custom Cut Foam (Black/Desert Tan/OD Green): $350

Featured Scope

Leupold MK5 HD 7-35x56 FFP, Matte Black, 35MM, TReMoR 3™ Reticle: $2,600

Featured Scope Mount

SPUHR Scope Mount SP-5002, 35MM, 0MIL, 1.5"H, 4.96"L: $410