Our Partners bring with them a combined history of Designing and Manufacturing Custom Actions and Rifle Builds of over sixty (60) years, producing thousands of Custom Actions and Rifle Builds for numerous Military, LE, and Competitive Shooting Applications.

Our Partners have also produced thousands of OEM Actions for Custom Rifle Builders and Manufacturers over that time as well.

What this means to you, our Valued Customer, is that our Partners bring with them an extensive Custom Design and Manufacturing History to our new line of JJ ROCK CO. Custom Actions and Rifle Builds and OEM Offerings.

With our initial SUPERXL Action Offering, JJ ROCK CO. brings to the Market a true ELR Action that was developed with proven Design and Manufacturing Features from our extensive experience, with great care taken to develop a design that can be repeatedly made to the highest standards… JJ ROCK CO. Standards.

One such feature that we are very proud of is our Stabilized Firing Pin Design, which produces more consistent lock times, resulting in more consistent primer ignition and greater accuracy potential.